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Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Pixel-Style 2

Short description
Tyler Warren’s monsters have gone retro in this “pixel-style” re-mastered graphics pack

In response to many requests for more retro-pixel graphics needed by game makers, Tyler Warren has completely remastered his monster collection in this the 2nd of 3 pixel-style graphic packs. This pack is a careful assortment of 94 of Tyler’s battlers recreated in a pixel art style, presented in 9 different color palettes and 4 sizes, for an impressive total of 3,384 graphic image files in one pack. If you’re working on your retro or pixel game these are the monsters you need!

This pack contains:
- 94 of Tyler Warren’s monster battlers recreated pixel-style in 9 color palettes and 4 zoom sizes (3,384 image files)
- Provided color palettes can help you select the overall look for your game
- Color palettes include: GameBoy (4 color), NYX8 (8 color), AAP 64 (64 color), NES (55 color), DB-ISO (22 color), Matriax (128 color), TimeFantasy (120 color), TimeFantasy (192 color)
- Files are provided in 4 zoom sizes, from 1X to 4X - Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into your game making program
- This is pack 2 of 3, which together will recapture almost all of Tyler Warren’s battlers in pixel-style
- Add these to Tyler’s other battlers and fill your library with hundreds of exciting characters to use in your next game project!

This pack is designed to be used with Tyler's other monster packs, found at:

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2nd 50 Battler Pack – The Basics Part 2
3rd 50 Battler Pack– Slimes and Dragons
4th 50 Battler Pack – RTP Redesign
5th 50 Battler Pack – 50 Shades of Battle
6th 50 Battler Pack – Monster Evolution
7th 50 Battler Pack – Time Fantasy Tribute
8th 50 Battler Pack – More Time Fantasy Tribute
9th 50 Battler Pack – 50 More Shades
Pixel-Style Part 1 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 1
Pixel-Style Part 2 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 2
Pixel-Style Part 3 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 3

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TERMS OF USE - ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT TYLER WARREN Unlimited Commercial Use License:  All assets purchased through itch.io are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.


Get this asset pack and 12 more for $45.00 USD
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