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Tyler Warren RPG - 8 Little Monsters and Robots 5 of 10

Short description - Tyler Warren adds 8 more little monsters to your collection!

Features - Tyler Warren is working on a new line of original monsters and this is set 5 of 10.  Previously Tyler's packs were release in sets of 50, but to help get monsters into the hands of creatives faster, he's releasing these smaller packs at a much lower price point.  When complete, there will be 10 packs in this set (80 total monsters).     

This pack contains: 
-  8 original monsters from the imagination of Tyler Warren
-  Each monster comes in/with:
      o  Multiple sizes (Raw, LargeMV, Large, Mid, Small, and Tiny)
      o  A soft filtered version (noise reduction filter)
      o  Matching faceset
      o  A Pixel-Style version in 9 color palettes: GameBoy (4 color), NYX8 (8 color), AAP 64 (64 color), NES (55 color), DB-ISO (22 color), Matriax (128 color), TimeFantasy (120 color), TimeFantasy (192 color)
-  Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker programs, and other game makers
-  Add these to Tyler’s other battlers and fill your library with 400+ characters for your next Project!

This pack is designed to be used with Tyler's other monster packs, found at:

1st 50 Battler Pack – The Basics Part 1
2nd 50 Battler Pack – The Basics Part 2
3rd 50 Battler Pack– Slimes and Dragons
4th 50 Battler Pack – RTP Redesign
5th 50 Battler Pack – 50 Shades of Battle
6th 50 Battler Pack – Monster Evolution
7th 50 Battler Pack – Time Fantasy Tribute
8th 50 Battler Pack – More Time Fantasy Tribute
9th 50 Battler Pack – 50 More Shades
Pixel-Style Part 1 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 1
Pixel-Style Part 2 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 2
Pixel-Style Part 3 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 3
Monsters and Robots 1 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 1/10
Monsters and Robots 2 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 2/10
Monsters and Robots 3 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 3/10
Monsters and Robots 4 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 4/10
Monsters and Robots 5 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 5/10
Monsters and Robots 6 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 6/10
16-Bit Battle Backgrounds - Pixel-Style Battlebacks
Patron Exclusive - Resources only for subscribers on Patreon

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*Credit Tokiwa Graphics and Joel Steudler for the awesome battle backgrounds used in screenshots 
*Credit Finalbossblues for the awesome hero sprites used in the screenshots


Unlimited Commercial Use License:  All assets purchased through itch.io are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTyler Warren RPG Battlers
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 18 more for $145.00 USD
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