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Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 7th 50 - Time Fantasy Tribute

Short description - Tyler Warren pays tribute to Time Fantasy Monsters by creating matching battlers!

Features - Tyler Warren’s 7th set of 50 graphic assets is designed to maximize the usefulness of your Time Fantasy collection.  This tribute, which is primarily based on art from two Time Fantasy packs (Monsters, and Mythical Monsters), gives you exponentially more options for your project.  Use these graphics for detailed cut scenes, battles, story development, dialog, titles and much more.  Use this pack to bridge styles and open up your project to a pool of 400+ monsters from Tyler Warren’s growing library of monsters while adding the prefect compliment to your Time Fantasy assets.   

This pack contains: 

-  40 monsters based on Time Fantasy Packs
-  6 original monsters from Tyler’s imagination
-  11 Weapons (full size, standard size, pixel-style, and MV-import sheet)
-  Each monster comes in/with:
     o  Multiple sizes (Raw, LargeMV, Large, Mid, Small, and Tiny)
     o  A soft filtered version (noise reduction filter)
     o  Matching facesets
     o  A Pixel-Style version in 9 color palettes: GameBoy (4 color), NYX8 (8 color), AAP 64 (64 color), NES (55 color), DB-ISO (22 color), Matriax (128 color), TimeFantasy (120 color), TimeFantasy (192 color) 
-  Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker MV and VX Ace, and other game makers
-  Included is a background screen overlay that can be applied over battlebacks to give them a stylized texture
-  Add these to Tyler’s other battlers and fill your library with 400+ exciting characters for your next RPG Maker Project!
- BONUS!!! Finalbossblues created an animated version of the "floating Jelly" monster and we've updated the pack with his sprites and 4 color variants of the monster

This pack is designed to be used with Tyler's other monster packs, found at:

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2nd 50 Battler Pack – The Basics Part 2
3rd 50 Battler Pack– Slimes and Dragons
4th 50 Battler Pack – RTP Redesign
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7th 50 Battler Pack – Time Fantasy Tribute
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Pixel-Style Part 1 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 1
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Pixel-Style Part 3 - Pixel-Style Battlers Remaster Part 3
Monsters and Robots 1 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 1/10
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Monsters and Robots 3 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 3/10
Monsters and Robots 4 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 4/10
Monsters and Robots 5 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 5/10
Monsters and Robots 6 - 8 Little Monsters and Robots Part 6/10
16-Bit Battle Backgrounds - Pixel-Style Battlebacks
Patron Exclusive - Resources only for subscribers on Patreon

Also, your support makes all the difference.  So please check me out on Patreon as well. Become a Patron!

*Credit Tokiwa Graphics and Joel Steudler for the awesome battle backgrounds used in screenshots 
*Credit Finalbossblues for the awesome hero sprites used in the screenshots


Unlimited Commercial Use License:  All assets purchased through itch.io are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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is there rats?

I know you said that the assets are usable in any game engine but what about use in a printed project?

Print projects are fine, as long as you aren't just reselling a print version of the monsters.  Direct reselling of them is not allowed, but if they are a part of a game, or cover, or book, etc, then that is fine.

Is there goblins from Time Fantasy Monsters In This? If there is Im probably going to buy this pack

It does not include matches to the goblins, but that is something I have been considering for a next project.


does this pack have mushrooms? or will that be on the next project?

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes, we've been at it for a while, just released 8 more a few days ago.  Patrons also can have access to an "exclusive" pack that has resources not found elsewhere.  come check me out at https://www.patreon.com/tylerjwarren

If we purchase these, are we able to mix and match parts with the other monsters/our own drawings for our game? Examples would be to cut and add wings, horns, tails, etc from one monster to another monster, or to a character we have made in order to increase monster diversity in our games? (With asset credits, for use in a game/visual novel, with the new product not for redistribution or sale, only within our game project). Your patreon says edits are welcome and this says unlimited use for any project, I just wanted to double check first. :)

Absolutely, edit away, make them more fun/custom and have at it.  My assets are credit free as well, so no need to worry about that.  Also if you make something cool, let me know and I'll try to share it with others.

I bought all your products because they are really great, but I want to confirm whether I can use it in the game without copyright restrictions

PS: You are an excellent artist, and I sincerely thank you for discovering your work

Yes, no restrictions.  All assets purchased through itch.io are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.  Enjoy and when you make something awesome let me know!