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Hi, that look like a wonderful pack! Just some Q
- 50 monsters with 3 evolutive stages... so there are 50  or 50 / 3 types of creatures?
- Animations? They have moves?
- I need that for a Unity project, no problem if its for RPGmaker??

- "This pack is designed to be used with Tyler's other monster packs".. That doesn't mean that i NEED the other packs, true? Is a complete asset set and i can easily use it to create animations? Is a sprite sheet??


All good questions.  50 is the total # of monsters in the pack.  They are static battlers, not animated.  You don't need the other packs to use this one, they are just drawn in a similar style.  The monsters are not broken into pieces (if that's what you are asking), each one is presented as a single, flat .png image.   Hope this helps.