Origin Story

I serve as a member of the US military and was deployed for 6 months away from my family (we have 8 children).  During that deployment, I had a good bit of time to draw and create, so I reached out to RPG Maker staff and asked what they thought I should make.  Their suggestion was to create an RTP-matching set in my style, so that there would be a natural bridge between the default monsters in the program and those assets I'd already created.  I worked on it half-hearted for a while, intending to "eventually" finish it, until one day I got an email from the staff saying "please finish it in the next couple weeks and we can release it now."  So for two weeks I used every available hour to color and scan and edit.  It was pretty exhausting.  I think I had to create like 3 or 4 each day to keep on schedule.  The night before the deadline I slept only 1 hour.  I learned that the time to draw a monster was usually less than the time needed to edit and clean up the drawing in the computer.  This was a little frustrating, because my mind could see all the finished works, but we still had many hours of work to do in order to get them to a level of usability.


4th 50 - Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - RTP Redesign Part 1.zip 435 MB
Mar 27, 2018

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