Super Boss Series #2 Goes live!

Super Boss #2 is complete and available now!  

Every game deserve a fantastic Final Boss and Tyler aims to deliver exactly that with the Super Boss Series of Battlers.  This second screen-filling Super Boss will have your players begging for mercy!

This pack includes 1 "Super Boss" presented in 6 variants and comes with 4 complimentary backgrounds (battlebacks) to give the final boss all the epic-ness you desire.  The Super Boss Series is designed to provide you a number of fill-the-screen end guys, and this second addition does it so well!

This pack contains
- 34 PNG formatted files for easy plug and play into RPG Maker MV or VX Ace
- Each battler is provided in an optional “soft-filtered” version

And what better way to celebrate than to offer all my assets at 50% for the rest of this week!


Super Boss 2 - Tyler Warren RPG 252 MB
Mar 26, 2019

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