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Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – Super Boss Series #1

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Every game project deserve a fantastic Final Boss and Tyler aims to deliver exactly that with the Super Boss Series of Battlers.  This first screen-filling Super Boss will have your players begging for mercy!

This pack includes 1 Super Boss presented in 6 varients and comes with 3 complimentary backgrounds (battlebacks) to give the final boss all the epic-ness you desire.  The Super Boss Series is designed to provide you a number of fill-the-screen end guys, and this first addition does is so well!

This pack contains
- 25 PNG fomatted files for easy plug and play into RPG Maker
- 9 PSD formatted files allowing you to make edits/manipulations and changes 
- Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker and other game making engines
- Each battler is also provided in an optional “soft-filtered” version

This pack is designed to be used with Tyler's other monster packs, found at:

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3rd 50 Battler Pack– Slimes and Dragons
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Unlimited Commercial Use License:  All assets purchased through itch.io are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Love this art! Hey do you think you could make heroes/players [knight, barbarian, mage, cleric, rogue, etc]? My idea is to make a card type game using these. All I'd need is some matching heroes.

Thank you.  Love the card game idea.  Knights, barbarians, etc. is on my big to-do list.   I have a project in the works now that should incorporate some of those type characters.  I have to admit monsters are more fun, but I've certainly heard the interest from several folks on some humanoid NPC -type art, so will get to it soon.  

What do you use (software/hardware) to draw these? 

All of them are hand drawn in colored pencil on watercolor paper, then imported into photoshop, and edited.